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Sept 2016 :

Here is 2016 TOPEX view,  looks good.

Hello,  Sept 22nd is this year’s non-date to negotiate the Laguna coastline.

Below is the plan,

Start, 9:45 am, high tide 4.8' at 8:00am,  draining tide going to a 1.3  low tide at 1:50pm.

Note in passing, Montage of Laguna Beach, after several years of hospitality to our Coastline Walk has requested to not be involved this year,  Thanks so much Ben, Rob and Nick for the 5 star treatment that was afforded Aquathon of Laguna Beach the past years.

Those $1 Stella’s last year were great paired with chef Rob’s pastries.

Advise parking a car at Aliso beach.  Laguna Trolley’s now run on weekends and drive to The Ranch.

Swim and walk as far past Aliso as one wants, I suggest the 10th Street Arch; double back, shower, change, then drive across the highway to The Ranch between the 2-6pm hours for the No-Host Survivors Party at the Bens Patio section at the Ranch.  It is a good time for them (in between lunch and dinner) so they are OK to have a “group”.  


I ordered our day coverage Insurance/Medical policy, so that is the only cost. Think of a $20 fee,  any extra will of course go to the Laguna Beach Jr Guard program.

Victory Koredry will more than likely have Shirts available to purchase from their website

The John Wayne Foundation store has upgraded their Sun-stick,  we have been using it and it is great and stays ON.

The Rockledge swim section to Victoria.  Swim around Rock out croping from Ruby St into Moss St.  

Here is a photo from Ruby St rock out croping, a block north of Moss St and the Rockledge swim into Victoria Beach.

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