Aquathon 2022 is back on !

Sunday,  Sept 25

Wow !

Aquathon of Laguna Beach 2022 has been cancelled because being in salt water is a healthy activity, Reserve Sept 25th, 2022 from Crescent Bay.

The City of Laguna Beach has been super to allow this ‘Event’ to continue,  we just need to keep our diving masks on.

If you want to spend a leisurely day walking and swimming the Laguna coastline, Sept 25,  at 8:00 am is a good time to be at Crescent bay for the start @ 9:00 am.

The Aquathon will pass out John Wayne Sun lotion packets.

Donations to the Laguna Beach Lifeguard foundation will be accepted,  and matched a minimum of 3X by the Aquathon.

Read "Required Gear" link on main page.