Nice mention on the Kore Dry Technology site

Even the mainstream media Laguna Beach Independent has picked up on this event,  donation to Jr. Lifeguards


Waterproof Aqua-Shirt, long-sleeve, from Victory Koredry  another fatigue saver from sun and saves core body temperature. Hoodie style keeps the sun off and is better than hauling a hat. Although a hat with a strap also works,  just another lose thing.

Basically, while you walk or climb you have your water things attached to your waist strap.

While you swim you attach your walking things to the strap always having 2 free hands.

Waist belt buckle:  1 x 4’ absolutely necessary

Fins are a Yes

Mask & Snorkel a very good idea

Swim Cap or neoprene hood also good to retain body heat.

Neoprene spring suit x 2mil thick

Reef walking shoes, see photo