Aquathon Record Book
Records Fact Year Comments
Blind People Who Have Done the Aquathon Mel 1997 Not quite sure how he did it..
Easiest Aquathon 2000 A cake walk. Low tide. Clear, warm water. No surf.
Fastest Aquathon Alan Wolf 59 minutes 12 seconds 1991 After doing the Aquathon and resting at the Ritz Carlton jacuzzi, Alan did a reverse Aquathon from the Ritz Carlton back to Emerald Bay on foot. It was an extremely low tide and most of the trip was running (although there were a couple of short swims).
Highest Water Temperature 75 F 1998 Ahhhh! We love El Nino.
Highest Waves 14 Feet 1995 Getting out of Salt Creek at the end of the Aquathon. Very scarey.
Lowest Water Temperature 60 F 1995 Burrrr!
Most Noted Celebrity Bill Clinton 1998 As a courtesy, we always invite the President of the United States to the Aquathon. Surprisingly, one year President Clinton accepted our invitation to attend. We were not allowed to make this public. Secret service men and women were present and a spe
Most Completed Aquathons Bailey Smith & Alan Wolf 14 Someday they'll die and someone else will have a shot at this record.
Most People to do Aquathon 144 1999 You can fool some of the people all of the time..
Most People in the Aquathon Jacuzzi at the Ritz Carlton 29 2000 Very fun.
Most Time to Complete Aquathon 27 hours Al LeGaye 1994 Al LeGaye started with all of us but we lost him along the way. When he didn't show by nightfall, we thought he was dead. Turns out, he finally made it to the Ritz Carlton the next morning (27 hours later). He mentioned alien abduction. There is no ot
Most Treacherous Aquathon 1992 Red flag surf, red tide, cold water temperature, no water visibility and a sick foam on the water. We started at high tide and had to swim out of Emerald Bay. Very cold air temperature. Yuck!
Oldest Person to Complete Aquathon 86 Johnny Surf 1994 Now dead. See unfortunate Aquathon accidents for further details.
Shortest Person to Complete Aquathon 32'' Kim Lee Chi 1991 See information on Kim Lee Chi below.
Tallest Person to Complete Aquathon 6'11'' Bill Dolby 1988 He looks shorter but he's really 6'11''
Youngest Person To Complete Aquathon 2 years, 6 months. Kim Lee Chi 1991 Kim Lee Chi did the Aquathon at age 2, went to Stanford at age 7 (he referenced the Aquathon in his application) and now serves as a rocket scientist at Lawrence Livermore. Nobel prize winner in Physics, 1997. Youngest member ever of Marquis' Who's Who.